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About the Family


According to Virginia Tech's Special Collections, "Squire Bosworth, the son of Joshua Bosworth, was born in Montgomery, Massachusetts in 1785" ("Squire Bosworth Papers"). He later married Hannah Buckey in 1816, and had ten children with her: "John W., Squire N., George W., Elam B., Rebecca, Lucy, Harriet, Martha, Christina, and Mary" ("Squire Bosworth Papers").


Squire Bosworth worked as a medical doctor in Beverly, WV. Historic Beverly Preservation, Inc. asserts that he "treated both northern and southern troops during the Civil War."

Squire N. Bosworth would follow in the footsteps of his father, becoming a medical doctor. He also served in the 31st Virginia Infantry during the Civil War ("Squire Bosworth Papers). According to Find a Grave, Squire N. not only served in this capacity, but he also "came into possession of the Bosworth Store Building, the Beverly Museum and a National Registry Historic site, in 1881." 



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