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Berryville, VA 1864

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Berryville, VA 1864




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September 6th, 1864

My dear friend
I read your kind notes of the 23rd [brt.]
a few days ago & would have answered it sooner, but we
have been moving ever since until today & now we are
looking to be ordered away every minute. I hope you enjoyed
your visit to Bec’s. Wish I could have been there & hope you
are still there & enjoying yourself.
We have been having a lively time here for the last week
Marching back & forth [unintelligible] the Valley & skirmishing with the
Yankees nearly every day. The day before yesterday we [unintelligible]
From near here to Berryville, & back yesterday through the
rain & mud. Last Saturday evening Kerhaw’s division had
a fight with the Yanks at Berryville & succeeded in driving
them from one line of breastworks, & Sunday morning we
formed him of battle on his left & skirmished with them until
yesterday morning when we left, & came to this Camp (about
5-miles below Winchester) I have no idea which way we will
go from here. Hope it will be towards Strasburg where they would
be afraid to follow so that we could get some rest. We have not
a sufficient cavalry force to keep the Yankee cavalry back, & we

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have to support ours nearly all the time. It is reported that
Eugeneus the [Hun] was killed Sunday near Bunker Hill but I do
not know wheter it is true or not. I have seen Arch Earle,
Marsh Kittle, Claude Goff, & Casper Harding once or twice in the last
two weeks, but none of them have been home lately.
Marsh Kittle has been in Randolph & has [unintelligible]
He says that Low [Leouard] was married to a Yankee lieut. & he
Was killed at Winchester on the 20th July when they surprised
our division, so she is now a widow. Eve Harper is married to
a Capt. Cormick. Mose Harper is dead also dav Harper. Arch
Earle’s brother in law was by when Marsh told Arch of his
Death. Arch clapped his hands & said thank God for small
favors: that one [unintelligible] rascal was out of the way. Jane Cohen –
[unintelligible] is going to marry a Yankee. I suppose Joe is forgotten
by her now. I can’t see how the girls of Randolph (The South-
ern girls I mean) can think of ever countenancing men who
are engage in trying to destroy our country & subjugate their
friends & relations. I saw one of your cousins yesterday. Mr. Jer-
rel. He was well. He seems to be a nice fellow. Was writing
a letter to you & intended to finish it today. Suppose you will
hear from him by the time this reaches you. I would like to
write a longer letter but have not time to write more now.
Write me soon a long letter. Remember me to all friends.
As ever your friend

[ *Glossary:
1) Breastworks- a defensive structure about as tall as the chest.
2) Yankee- a northern or Union soldier. ]