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Richmond, VA 1866

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Richmond, VA 1866


Frank M.


January 4, 1866

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Richmond C. N. C.
Jan’ 4th 1866
Well Johnnie
Don’t be alarmed when you
See this; having nothing else to do this Saturday
night I have in my reflections appear things to ask
thought of you, and determined at once to write you and let you
know I am still upon this mundane of sphere though
I would like to be in a better place.
John what have you been doing since
you got out of Fort Delaware Del. Flying
around with the women I expect though Have
you got married yet if so please accept
my most sincere congratulations if not
make haste and do. John what you [unintelligible]
My gal has about half way kicked me and
I most awfully fear she will finish it
before shes done and it nearly makes me
crazy. I don’t know what to do I think
sometimes of going to Brazil or Mexico and
sometimes think seriously of – well –
courting another gal. Do you think it
is hard How are you and yours progress-
What has got Bill Wilson and Jake Matth
-ews if you see either of them please remember
me to them – and that other old fel – what
his name? Oh yes FFHPP Lewis Esq.
Ask him how the ring business flourishes in
West Virginia.
John how are you getting on harmon-
izing with the Yank and free n*****.
We have no Yanks nearer than Wilmington a

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days ride by rail but occasionally a “Freedmans
Bureau” comes along making speeches to
the Freedmen. The Freedmen are rather a
nuisance but I hope they will do better after a
while. John Sherman and his bunnies got my
fine horse and thereby most effectively clipped
my wings and I have not been able to get
another as good though I have a tolerable one
I had a Bully [Time] Christmas and got
kicked in the bargain but think I can make
it up (you keep dark) I have not got on
a spree yet though when I get my [unintelligible]
quietus lookout.
I have not goine into any kind of business
permanently yet have an idea of going into
the Drug Business in some Southern City
or town. The truth is I have got to go at
something soon or I fear N.C. is such a
good old Union State that she will pop a vag-
abond Law for the benefit of the old Rebs who
are out of employment and I be taken up
and consigned to some hole not much more
agreeable than [unintelligible]
John you must excuse this very feeble at-
tempt at letter writing as I am in no mood
for writing and besides I know of nothing
that could be of interest to you.
I am in haste as I want to write to our old
friend Lucius Green.
Remember me to all my friends and write soon.
Yours most sincerely
Frank M [unintelligible] Shoe Hill, N.C.
J.W. Bosworth
Beverly, VA { Call of Mr. A. R. Patterson

[ *Glossary:
1) Freedman- an individual freed from slavery.
2) Freedmen's Bureau- An agency set up in 1865 by the War Department to help freed slaves.
3) Vagabond Law- vagrancy (those without employment or a home) laws instituted after the Civil War that primarily targeted newly freed slaves ( ]