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Philadelphia, PA 1866

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Philadelphia, PA 1866


N. A. Root

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Philadelphia, March 21st/ 66
Dr. Squire Bosworth M.D.
My dear Sir
When your
son (Captn 13.) left us, I fully intended
to have written to you again within a
few days, expecting in the mean time
to have received some intelligence from
Richmond, Va, Washington D.C. and
my Uncle Marcus L. Barrett in
reference to the Land Case Titles [unintelligible]
The information I have obtained from
Richmond & Washington, in regard to
the present state of the lands titles (unintelligible]
in West Va is quite satisfactory thus
far. But in order to proceed in my
undertaking, understandingly, I now
require a copy of the Original Deed, or
Deeds, made to Daniel Barrett, and
Martin Root, which I suppose were
recorded at Beverly, Randolph Co.
and alluded to as found in the books
by yourself last fall.

[End of Page 1]

Now Sir will you have the kind-
ness to have a correct Copy of the
Deed, or Deeds in question made
and forwarded to me at your earliest
convenient opportunity—together
with a Bill of expenses and I
will remit the amount at once on
its arrival. or write to me and
Name the expenses, and I will forward the money by next mail.
Should the enclosed blank
sheet or printed blank answer
and lighten your labors, please
use them.
I desire to sumbit the Titles
to the inspector of my Counsel
here before going into Western Va.
myself next May or June.
By the way, I have a book of some value perhaps to your son, which I had laid out to present to him on the 22nd [unintelligible] while at
my house, and forgot it until after
he had left our city. Shall I send

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the book by may mail or take
it with me when I visit Western Va.?
I have not had any intelligence
from my relatives in Illinois since
that uncalled for letter written
to your son (Catn. 13) by the Rev.
My Uncle Elisha came to my address
and [unintelligible]. As Uncle Elisha lost
one son by the war, who now lies
buried on the banks of the Potomac
of Harrison’s Landing, I presume
the old gentleman feels a little
bitter. For my part, I feel thankful
that the war is over and that our
country will soon be respected
by the Nations of the Earth.
Of my two oldest sons (I have six
and one daughter) the one in grey
coat represented by the enclosed little
photograph – was in the war – he joined at 16 years of age – and was present when
Gen Lee surrendered – Our sons have
acted their parts in the struggle of the

[End of Page 3]

With my kindest regards to
Captn 13 – your son – and family

I am very truly
your 2nd cousin

N. A. Root
128 South 15th St.

[ *Glossary:
1) Western Virginia- West Virginia did not become a state until June 20th, 1863 (
2) Grey Coat- typically worn by Confederate soldiers, which suggests N.A. Root's son fought for this side during the Civil War. ]